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The team

Meet the team behind Peace Home
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The team

The local team at Asomdwee Fie is working on weekdays to ensure the continuity of Peace Home. They are key members of the Peace Home family and important members of the project. 

The children

Currently Asomdwee Fie is supporting 16 members with special needs in Busua. We see them as part of the Peace Home family and members of the project. We are happy to unite everyone through this good cause and create awareness in the community.


Manager Vera

Vera is a young woman from Dixcove, the neighbouring village to Busua. Vera got acquainted with Peace Home through a neighbour who told her about the project. 
Vera came to the Christmas/New Year party in 2020 and showed her passion for and skills in working with children with disabilities. Aside from that, her passion and strong personality make for a go-getter who knows how to get things done and has strong organisational skills.  
Therefore she got the managing position. She makes sure Peace Home keeps moving forward and the day-to-day work continues.

The Care Takers & Food Sharers

Marcus & One Love

One of the first activities that Peace Home started was providing the children with a daily meal, we needed to find a way to make sure every child receives their fresh meal every day. Two young men who love children and treat every child, disabled or not, with respect, joined the team to share the food around the village. They walk past every child's home and hand them their food personally. Aside from that, they spend a lot of time with the children on the land. Making sure they get the attention they deserve. 

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The Cooking Aunties

Dora, Rebecca & Elizabeth

One of the essential activities of Peace Home, is providing all the members with a nutritious meal every day for them to feel strong and healthy.
For this to be possible, three respected ladies from Busua became part of the team. They now cook in the already completed kitchen on-site, including vegetables from Peace Home's own garden. Once a month we go to the market to buy all the essentials for the Aunties to cook the fresh meals daily. 

Once the day-centre is up and running, all the members will receive their meals there and eat together.  

Gardener & Land caretaker

Pages A.K.A. Funny Guy

Our strong team member Pages! He is one of the main reasons why the site of Peace Home looks lush, green and colorful.
Pages is a man of many skills and a hard worker. Once the project's land became more of a site, Pages joined the team to take on the responsibility of the vegetable garden and the overal maintenance of the land (landscaping and weeding for instance). 

He has experience with and therefore knowledge on growing food ecologically. The vegetable garden already has many fruits and vegetables growing in it thanks to Pages. He continuously focusses on increasing the yield by for instance improving the soil through composting.  

The Dutchies 🇳🇱

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Social Worker

Holly is a nurse that found love for working with people with special needs through her versatile profession. 

Sarah is a primary school teacher with experience in and a passion for working with children and their special needs. 

Shalu is a social worker who has travelled and worked in different parts of the world to help children with special needs.

Are you looking to join our team, or to understand how to get involved?

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