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Asomdwee Fie - Peace Home

A place for youths

with special needs

Welcome to Asomdwee Fie - Peace Home


Asomdwee Fie or Peace Home is the name of our NGO in the village of Busua, based in Ghana.

Seeings as Asomdwee Fie is literally translated to Peace Home from the local language of Fante and Asomdwee Fie being a little hard to pronounce, for clarity we will stick to the name Peace Home on the website. 

Peace Home is working on a community project with the objective of building a day-centre for the youths with mental and physical disabilities in and around Busua.

On this website you can find in-depth information on the project and updates on the progress being made.
If you are interested in supporting the project, please feel free to click the 'donate' or 'get involved' button or reach out to us through any of the contacts at the bottom of this page.

Watch the videos below to get a feel of what Peace Home does and looks like 

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help childeren with mental and physical disabilities in Busua, Ghana

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