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The place

This page gives more information about the location, facilities and site of Peace Home

The Day Center

The main building on our site

The main goal of 2021 was the full construction of the main building: the day-centre. This is the biggest and most important structure on the site. In 2022 and 2023, the goals were to furnish, prepare, and finalise the day-center

In the day-center, the members of Peace Home are able to get stimulated appropriately to develop mentally and physically in ways that suit each individual. Seeings as Peace Home supports youth with all kinds of disabilities, we believe in individual approach for everyone. 

Peace Home's focus is not on academic teaching, but is more revolved around developing the children's interests and talents. 

The day-centre consists of four spaces: two main block structures are surrounded by a big veranda. On the right side of the building, there are two classrooms openly planned: it can function as separate spaces for diverse functions, or become one large classroom for group activities. These spaces are used for workshops, music and craft activities, as well as different kinds of classes.

The block structure on the left consists of a large space for various different kinds of therapy such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, nursing and medication, occupational therapy. The office is also in this block: a smaller space where meetings with anyone, including family members, can take place.

Check out the video of Vera showing you around the day-centre on the home page. 


The Location

Busua, Western Region, Ghana

Asomdwee Fie - Peace Home is located in Busua. Busua is a fishing village in the Western Region of Ghana, and it has around 3000 inhabitants. Ghana has a beautiful coast line, filled with acres of green vegetation and beach. 

Busua's neighbouring villages are Butre and Dixcove. These members of these communities are expected to also be involved in the work of Peace Home in the near future. 

Peace Home is now the first registered NGO in the Western Region that focusses on people with disabilities. 

The first building

The kitchen area, storage, and bedrooms

In 2020 the first building was built on the site for Peace Home.
Firstly, this building consists of the kitchen for the cooking of the daily meals for Peace Home's members living in Busua (17 youth with disabilities). 

The room next to the kitchen functions as the storage and the three rooms above are bedrooms for the team, future temporary workers or possibly future volunteers. 

Peace Home believes that a calm and natural environment is healthy for everyone and therefore keeps the site as green as possible and tries to keep a natural look to the structures on the site. This first building consists mostly of wood and raffia (palm tree leaves). The gallery below will give an idea of this natural look we are trying to achieve. 

The Vegetable Garden

For future sustainable methods

One of the main goals of Peace Home which is constantly worked on, is becoming more self-sufficient.
Seeings as now one of the main activities is providing the meals for the members, Peace Home has already focused on making this area of the project more self-sufficient by starting a vegetable garden in 2020. 

Pages plants many different kinds of vegetables and fruit-trees such as: 

cucumber, plantain, many different types of eggplant, tomatoes, ginger, lemongrass, pepper, pumpkin, kontomire/coco yam, pineapple, banana, sugarcane, maize, capsicum, basil and other herbs. Pages is also nursing some baby trees such as: sugar-apple, coconut, passion fruit vine, avocado and mango.

Other than vegetables and fruits Pages also plants plenty of  differents kinds of flowers, plants and trees to keep the land green and lush. Also, the bamboo fence surrounding the land  has vines growing over it with the goal of it becoming a green fence in mind. 

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