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Working from Ghana and the Netherlands

Shalu starting the clearing of the land

Shalu in Ghana Since the first days after my arrival in Busua, we have been working hard for the children with special needs. Together with Bobojoe and Abu, I am cooking for the children daily, making sure they get a healthy meal every day. We also give them a bath or medical treatment if necessary. Many meetings with the chief of Busua and other members of the royal family have been taking place. Some arrangements and deals had to be completed before we could start working. The first steps on the land are being made after the views on how to start had been thoroughly discussed. For instance road acces is important and will be one of the first things to work on. Building a fence and the clearing of the land are some of the other crucial actions in the beginning, which we have started now. A well is getting dug and the land is slowly being cleared, though we are very adamant on only wanting to clear the absolutely necessary amount of nature, keeping it as eco-friendly and peaceful for the children as possible. It feels special to be back after the time away (I left in the beginning of 2019 after spending 5 months in Busua). Everyone welcomed me with open arms. Now, full of energy we will start with the project for the community.

sorting the food for the daily cooking
the digging of the well

Sarah & Holly in the Netherlands In the meantime, Sarah and I(Holly) have also been working hard in the Netherlands. Sarah, being the amazing organiser that she is, arranged a ‘sponsorloop’ at the school she works at in Amsterdam. A sponsorloop or sponsor run is a way of fundraising where children first find personal sponsors who support them with a sum per round they run on a field. Afterwards the sponsors support a good cause with a donation depending on the rounds run by the children. About 200 children, amazingly, took part in this ‘sponsorloop’ which was great fun and extremely successful. They ran wonderfully and obviously motivated for the cause. The work we had on administration and reaching out to hundreds of sponsors afterwards was well worth it. We are extremely grateful to the children participating and all the sponsors for their support and donations. The next step will be me leaving for Ghana on the 2nd of December and Sarah joining us on the 11th. Very excited to get going in Ghana!

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