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the team united

Finally the whole executive team of Asomdwee Fie has been united in Busua, Ghana! Sarah arrived to a warm welcome in the village at the end of last week.  Before Sarah left the Netherlands, she organised another small fundraising event at her job also working with children with special needs. Thank you to all who got involved! In Busua, the project has been running and evolving at full speed as the pictures below will show.  Every day brings new meetings, discussions and brainstorming about the project. We are all feeling energised, motivated and positive which results in a great atmosphere.  

At the moment, a lot is happening on the land. The carpenter is working hard at finishing his work on the first structure for Asomdwee Fie. This building will consist of the kitchen for the daily cooking, a storage room, and the top floor will be a living area. The fence around the land will soon be completed and the workers have started on the first sanitary facilities.  Because we want Asomdwee Fie to be as eco-friendly as possible, we are always looking at using as many natural materials as possible without loss of quality. For instance, the fence is made out of bamboo and clay will be used on the buildings.  We are also starting on a vegetable garden for future self-sufficiency. Emmanuel and Abu are experienced gardeners and very excited to get started. Food sharing is still a daily activity with the help of the three wonderful ‘cooking ladies’ and two good friends. Aunties Dora, Becky and Elizabeth and the food sharers Marcus and Abanga.  Through the food sharing we stay involved with all the children and we try to help in any small way we can right now, but once the centre is up and running we will be able to do a lot more.  Now that we are all together we will be a lot more active on our social media’s, so keep checking our facebook and instagram!

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