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First insight

Create a blog post subtitle that summarizes your post in a few short, punchy sentences and entices your audience to continue reading.

Red cross is the place where Asomdwee Fie is going to be build.

Hello everyone!

Here we are at the very beginning of this project. We are so excited to share our ideas and journey through the creation of Asomdwee Fie. Asomdwee Fie literally means Peace Home in the local language Fante and we thought this was suitable for the energy that we want to represent in the centre. Every child with special needs will be welcome to come and spend time in our centre. During research in Busua, Shalu spoke with around 25 children with disabilities or their parents, but in the surrounding villages there will be more individuals that can use some support. Meeting the families and talking with locals made her realise how big the lack of help was for people with special needs in whole Ghana.

In September Shalu came to Ghana when, at that time, Sarah and Holly were working on a different project at the school. Shalu ended up staying for five months and left Busua with a plot of land in her name. We thought it would be nice to present you an image of the village and the plot of land that she bought (see red cross).

Now it’s time to collect funds so we can start building. Making a name for ourselves and getting in touch with organisations is our biggest target in The Netherlands at the moment. We are discussing with our partners in Busua (including the chief) about clearing parts of the land before starting the building process around October. As you can see on the Google Earth picture it is now mostly jungle. We want to contain as much of the nature as possible, but need to gain some control of the wilderness.

Well, that’s it for now. We will be posting frequent updates on all our platforms (see Facebook and Instagram as well).

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