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Our mission & vision

The Background 

Busua is a small village, of about 4000 inhabitants, on the coast of Western Ghana. Through observations and research in the village, it became evident that there is a lack of sufficient facilities for youths with mental and physical special needs.

The idea of creating a place for the youth with special needs in Busua came to life in 2019 through conversations within the community and seeing the lack of support for this marginalised group. A few people within the community expressed they'd had the dream of a place for the youth with special needs for a long time, but they did not have the resources or access to funds to realise this dream.

In Ghana, there is little to no support from the government for people with special needs. There are very few (governmental) organisations that are dedicated to this focus group, and are mostly located in urban, rather than rural areas. 

In Busua, this is evident by seeing individuals with special needs sitting at home - without any aid or tools for support, and youth with special needs not having the possibility to go to school or develop in any way.

Moreover, parents do not have knowledge about disabilities or how to deal with them in the best ways. These external factors result in different extents to which the youth’s well-being is neglected. They cannot get the treatment and attention they need to develop mentally or physically. 

This brings us to the mission and vision of Peace Home. 


The vision

Youths with mental and or physical special needs in and around Busua have the right to develop themselves in a safe, caring environment. The increased involvement within the community, as well as the access to basic human needs results in a decrease of the marginalisation of this focus group - and an increase of respect towards them.

The mission

Our mission is to create a day-centre where youth with mental and/or physical special needs get the chance to develop individually. The principal way to achieve this is by offering the children appropriate and suitable therapies, supporting them in various activities and including family members as well as the community in their development.

Peace Home believes in the vision of the Ghanaian symbol & motto 'Funtumfunafu Denkyemfunafu' (seen below) for unity and diversity, working as a team to serve humanity.

We believe that underprivileged people with mental and physical special needs should have equal opportunities in life, despite the many misconceptions society has against them. For example, we will offer education and workshops for the development of general skills and creativity. Therapies such as speech and physical therapy will also be offered, to ensure that individual needs are understood and met.

Most importantly, we are striving for a mentally and physically safe, caring, motivating environment.


'Funtumfunefu Denkyemfunefu' 
Unity in Diversity given a common Destiny:
signifying unity of people of diverse origins despite differences and the importance of diversity while working as a team
to serve humanity


Peace Home as a community project

Peace Home greatly values community involvement. We firmly believe that a project in a community cannot reach its full potential if the community is not involved from the beginning of that project.


This is why we are persistent in calling Peace Home a community project, and diligently being true to the meaning of community project in our actions. 

Examples of community involvement:

  • Working together with the Assembly Man of the village; 

  • Keeping the chief and community committee updated;

  • Presenting Peace Home for the community in churches and community meetings;

  • Building a strong team that consists of mebers of the local community;

  • Asking for communal labor and inviting any person of the community to visit and/or contribute in their own way. 

By involving the community in such ways, there will be shared pride of and motivation for Peace Home, its development and upholding its values.

A fun fact

As now an officially registered NGO in Ghana, Peace Home is the first organisation in the entire Western Region that is specifically dedicated to aid and support youth with physical and/or mental special needs!

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